Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Submit your questions

Remember to send your emails and I'll pick the best and answer your questions. Any topic, any question, but questions about all things fat is what really gets my fingers typing!

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Anonymous said...

I sent in my question. Why do fat people smell so bad!

William Fatner said...

Anonymous: You do win the award for first question submitted. Unfortunately, you need to do some catching up! I have addressed the "smelly" issue in another area of this blog. Trust me, I have much more coming on fat people and their odor! Keep reading!

I will add one more thing on smelly fatties, though. I've always said fatties will do all they can to avoid work and avoid looking sincerely at themselves. But you have to wonder how someone can become immune to their own stench? If you had a strong stinkalious odor, wouldn't you do whatever was necessary to control it? You know, like maybe cutting enough fat and calories from your diet until at least the rolls around your sexual areas shrink and stop producing sweat and stench?