Saturday, November 10, 2007

Excellent Reminder

This video is proof that fat people are just like everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Thats my MOM!

Anonymous said...

U R insane!!
Seriously, U have a lot of issues

William Fatner said...

Anonymous: Issues? No, I'm fighting for fresh air and freedom from the stench of fatties like this. Look at the videos in this post! Look at the pictures! These are real people! What kind of animal allows themselves to get that fat and then smiles and smirks about it? We pay for these fat pigs to live with our tax dollars, then we pay for their health complications with more tax dollars. All the while, I'm asked by society to pretend their moldy scent doesn't bother me?

Like Fat Tom, who looks like the people in this video, he's out sick all the time, and when he returns to the office he informs me how bad a "flu season" it must be! OK, Tom, your non-existent fattened immune system has nothing to do with it? I'm sure Cheetos are the perfect remedy for the fat surrounding your lungs! Enough already!

Anonymous said...

"Moldy scent"
"Non Existant Fattened Immune System"
"Fat surrounding your lungs"