Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Poll Results: "Do You Hate Fat People"

The poll was open for three days. During this time, we had about 1000 hits. Only 17 votes were counted, so you fatties clearly couldn't lift your fat fingers to click the Vote button. If you believe that small sampling, we have a sympathetic audience. I'm really curious about the people visiting us here, so keep the comments (and email) coming...but let's see some voting from you too! Anyway, to the results:

35% said Yes, you hate fat people.
35% said No, you do NOT hate fat people.
17% said WHO DOESN'T hate fat people!
23% wanted us to Leave the Poor Fatties Alone.

So, that adds up to... 58% feeling bad for fatties and 52% acknowledging dislike for fatties.


Anonymous said...


William Fatner said...

Anonymous: You got me! 110% -- how dumb am I? Oh wait, NOT DUMB, since this poll allowed people to make more than one selection. DUH.

I demand a full apology and a photo of you for me to post and comment on.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you got problems.

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking dick.
You Fuck your mum and she likes it. And your dad.
Hahaha if they're dead!
I would spit on your fat ass mom's grave.

Anonymous said...

I have this teacher named Mr. W omg he is so fat he is just so ewwww...he inspires me to work out....

Shannon Macri said...

I can't stomach obese people. It's so sad that people are still so lazy that they won't cook a healthy meal or even try to exercise. No reason at all to be obese if you don't have a thyroid problem or an illness. I can see if a person had an injury where they could never get any exercise but people just need to learn how to cook again and move around. I know if my girlfriend gets any fatter I'm leaving her ass. I'm not kidding. I can't stomach obesity. I have a bad back and still workout daily.

Hoodoo Doll said...

Fat people are disgusting but lately some of them are becoming militant. I told somebody (on FB) she`s fat yesterday & a group of people jumped me for it, telling me what a terrible person I am (she started it by being rude to me). I`d love for you to join that group & help me fight these disgusting fatties.
Fat fuck is the term I like best.