Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's a Fat World After All

Hello again fatty fans and foes. The audience here seems split. Many of you contact me to say you are in agreement with the message this site is delivering (in case you haven't been paying attention, the message is simple: fatties eat too much and make too many excuses). Others contact me and let me know loud and clear that you are shocked I could be so unsympathetic (to them I say: fatties get enough so-called support, a wake up call is required).

So, today I thought we could look for more evidence of how fat has invaded our society. Recently, Disney could no longer avoid the fact that the boats on their It's a Small World ride were tipping and bottoming-out. Imagine the embarrassed look on Mr. and Mrs. Fatness when their boat has to be unloaded of extra meat because they are bloated past the size of normal humans.

Disney's official line on this is: in 1963 when the ride was created, boats that carried customers through Disneyland's "It's a Small World" were designed to accommodate the average male. At that time, the average male weighed 175lbs and the average female 135lbs. Ahh! The good old days! Have any of you been to Disney lately? Pick a direction; whichever way you look will be obese, sloppy, disgusting creatures. In fact, many are forced to use motorized carts when their only problem is their fat inability to walk the park. Sadly, the only thing you'll see more often than Mickey and Japanese clicking cameras nonstop, is fat people eating, talking about eating, or trying to find a place to sit.

And Disney knows it. While other parks sell popcorn and other candy treats, what did Disney marketing come up with? They sell huge turkey legs as a snack! The moment you see some fat pig shoving a greasy turkey leg into their round face, your life will never be the same.

So, Disney continues to fatten them up as if preparing them for the witch's stove. Their Small World ride being reworked to support fatties who weigh over 200 pounds so that they can continue to keep the ride moving along without delay. If you've been to Disneyland recently, you surely noticed they don't fill boats any more even when the lines are long. Now you know why. Thanks fatties. I'll continue to do the math when you enter the elevator and make sure I don't plummet to my death with your fat butt.


Anonymous said...

Alright... I think you do have issues...I agree with the making up excuses part but have you ever thought about the fact that putting that food in your mouth can fill up more than your huge stomach but your soul?? It's an issue... Do you think people like to look that way??

I know what people say... the important part is within bla bla bla... We all love hotties don't we??

I've had weight issues all my life and I'm currently solving it. Lost lots of weight but I'm still losing more because I wanna be thin...Not for people to like me or give me service but for me, for my health. How?? No easy way... Diets, work out, a nutriologist and a psychologist.

I do think you are insensitive to a problem most people in your country suffers so why not support, understand and give advice to stay as thin as I presume you are instead of being all negative and judgemental??

Anonymous said...

Ahh, spoken like a fat person!! You're allowed to feel bad about being fat but noone else should call you on it or they're bad people!

Fat people can keep on being fat for all I care, they just need to stop whining about the disadvantages of being fat:

1. stop whining about people looking at you the "wrong" way,

2. stop whining about losing a guy out to a "skinner" girl.

3. stop whining about how you're being charged for two seats on airplanes -- if your fat ass takes two seats, you should be charged cus I aint giving you half of my seat!

But then, at least you're not a smoker, standing next to you won't make me fat, but standing next to a smoker can make me dead!

Adam said...

Hi William,

Adam here. A few years back, within a group of friends I was assimilated into when I moved to a new state, there were two other Adam's. To avoid confusion they had already been given rather clever nicknames to differentiate. Even though I was the new guy in town, I was called "Regular Adam". One was called "Crackam", and the fat one was called "Fatam".

Not bad, I thought, but after some months there arose a need for new names to differentiate between two Dave's. One of them was fat, but "Fat Dave" just didn't have the right ring to it. So, we decided a new standard of nomenclature was needed.
That very day, "Fatam" became "Hungry Adam" and we now had a "Hungry Dave".
I don't think "Hungry People" is necessarily the best encompassing term (not strong enough)for them, but it is good to add the Prefix "Hungry" when you need to sort people out in conversation. It just makes things much easier, and if they want a new name, all they have to do is stop being fat.
I didn't know that about Disney, but I'm not at all surprised. I'm 27 years old, 5'11" and 145lbs. I have an impossible time trying to find clothes that fit. It really takes a while to find a pair of jeans that aren't enormous.
When I do finally find some that are suitable, I am enraged to see they are marked the same price as the jeans for the fat asses which are made of twice as much (or more) material.
It's painfully obvious that I'm having to foot the bill in part for their morbid obesity. It really is disgusting and frustrating. I call 'em like I see 'em, and everywhere I look, there's somebody fat.
I suppose I could sympathize, but when you sympathize you become an enabler in some effect. No one ever got fat over night. There is no end to the excuses these bulbous folk will come up with, but being slim and healthy doesn't require an entourage of support. Fatties: Make healthy food choices, don't eat so damn much, and get some exercise. It's that simple. You really ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Harrison said...

Hi, William

Gorgeous!! That's what I call pretty but overweight gals. There's nothing wrong with extra padding on a pretty lady, and there's a bunch of us guys that LOVE it.

I love to admire them and when I was single I used to date them, do them, and generally have a good time.

220 lb chicks get a big thumbs up from me!! LOL

Think I'm crazy? Well, how could you go wrong with this?

Fat Chicks Rule! You keep on hating 'em and I'll keep on loving them!

Barbara said...

OMG! I can not believe you wrote about this! I can SO relate!
Let me explain, in 2000 I came back to the US after being overseas for close to 9 years. A few of my friends came along and of course I took them to Disney World. We could not believe all the fat people walking around in hardly any clothes! Their white flabby fat hanging out for everyone to admire! We saw one family eating does enormous turkey legs and then going into an ice cream shop! It was like something out of the Flintstones! You can imagine my friend’s opinion of American culture after seeing a parade of morbidly obese Americans day after day, park after park stuffing their faces. They didn't say anything but I could see it in their faces. I myself could not believe how the people here had changed. Those baggy pants showing their underwear, the obesity, what happened while I was gone?
Then of course we rode the classic "It's a Small World" ride. As we are getting into the boat we did notice the size of the people trying to fit their fat behinds in the front seat wondering if it was going to SINK! Can you believe they had the audacity to make demeaning remarks about US? They insulted us because we were not speaking English. They made derogatory comments looking right at us. My friends and I are all professionals, respectful persons who were somewhat amazed at the size of their behinds! We didn't stare at them just kind of looked. How can you not wonder if the boat you are getting into is going to sink! But God forbid we had called them fat. Of course as a native English speaker I let them have it. Told them how ignorant they were to judge us by what language we spoke. The fatties who complain about how prejudice the world is to them, how intolerance and discrimination is something they deal with on a daily basis, were doing that exact same thing they so openly chastise. I was really embarrassed that my friends experience at the "Happiest place on Earth" had gone so wrong. I myself was so scarred by the experience that I hardly ate for the next 3 weeks. I lost 20lbs on our cross country drive to California. Not that 145lbs at 5'10" was fat to begin with but it was just so traumatic.
After California we were off to Asia, Africa and Europe. I can tell you that the opinion of Americans in these countries is horrible. A culture that was once revered throughout the world is now laughed at and snubbed. The obesity problem is just one sign of a society that has degenerated altogether. We are now fat, in debt, oil hungry and the dollar is worth less every day.

Jeni said...

Being "fat" can be so incredibly painful. There just are no easy answers to the current "fat" dilemna...

Anonymous said...

Another Fat hater

Anonymous said...

I think that there is a great difference in the people that you are showing in your videos and the people who are out there taking this to heart. The average size 14 woman is not full of giant rolls and nasty odors... maybe I am completely off base here... but if that is true - you might want to clarify that on your site. The 500 lb. woman who enjoys sex might make even the most fat accepting person want to run but would a size 12 woman? most people wouldn't even blink. So- are you encompassing all people with a BMI over 25 or just the one's with giant rolls that can't wash themselves well enough to cover their stink?

Kristi said...

Okay, sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don't. People can think whatever they want, write whatever they want, etc. etc. Good times for all.

But for the love of god, man, what is UP with all the bold print? Is that completely necessary? It makes you look a little desperate. Use that stuff sparingly for ultimate impact.

You don't need to do it every other word. Really. We'll get along just fine without you shoving things in our face.

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Wake Up said...


You 'blog fat'. Excuse me while I exude admiration for your 'contribution' to society. If the best you can do is link or quote YouTube, I think that says enough, don't you?

Meanwhile, some of us are actually doing something, like scientific research. And no, you won't learn about that on YouTube, genius.

You see, standing there and whinging just makes you a whinger. It does not make you part of any solution (except a Darwinian one, as ignorant whinging is not a trait any female with a brain would want to propagate), so therefore, if you CAN do the math as you say, it makes you part of the problem.

Solution... take a look in the mirror and work on that person if you want to make any contribution at all to society.

Anonymous said...

What happened to this site? Perhaps a fat person sat on and killed William Fatner? Where are you William?

Anonymous said...

Any blog that exists solely because the user "hates fat people because they ooze" is obviously run by a thin person. Probably pro-ana.

OverWeight Teen said...

Alright, hello there. Yes, I happen to be fat. But I'm not what you describe. I'm a teenage, but I'm not lazy, I'm in softball,basketball, and volleyball. Yes, on the schools team and I made varsity in all three while I'm only a freshman. I'm not the biggest girl around but I do carry extra pounds. I'm trying to change.I dont let being overweight be a excuse to anything. Its hard, and you say you hate fat people... would you consider me one of them?

Anonymous said...

Alright, listen to this,

I was medium size before. Then I got Crohn's disease (which the cause is not known and there is no cure). The doctor put me on steroids to help me. I gained 75 pounds in 5 months. I used to be active, but that medicine toomk away my energy. Now I am working on taking the weight off, but I have to deal with assholes like you saying all fat people are lazy slobs. It is not true and maybe you need to realize this.

allyson said...

i have a question, what about the people that cant help their weight? some people have thyroid problems and other things that cause them not to be able to loose weight.

Anonymous said...

First of all you are hilarious! Your blog is so entertaining! It definitely grabs the reader's attention immediately. You use great is like I can hear you speaking to me.
I feel that I can really identify with you because I used to be the same exact way. In fact, I began my blog in a VERY similar way to yours. My Blog was supposed to be very harsh...I mean if you're fat, jump on a treadmill and start eating healthy right?
But then I began to do some research and discovered that the "fatties" that you refer to are not entirely at fault. There are so many different reasons people are overweight or obese such as family habits, genetics, media and or even serious psychological disorders. For certain people in America living a healthy lifestyle is more difficult, sometimes the odds are against you. For example there are more fast food restaurants in poverty stricken areas than in middle or upper class neighborhoods. African Americans and Hispanic Americans have higher rates of obesity! African Americans top the fat list, as 51% of their population is obese. So culture and way of life have a lot to do with it as well. What about people who have serious problems in their lives? And you know what? When you break up with a significant other it does feel great to be able to eat that Rocky Road Ben & Jerry’s. Is that so wrong?
All I am saying is that it is so easy to point fingers and hate on “fatties” but take some time to step back and realize that the reason they are fat is not so simple. It is not a one-sided argument. Other than that great blog…very interesting! I look forward to reading more. ☺

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Anonymous said...

Really? At first I thought this blog was a joke, but sadly I can see you have put a great deal of energy behind this site. Who cares if people are fat? Have you no life? Have you no other genuine interest or hobby that you must be forced to spew how much you don't like fat people. Seriously, why do you care? I want to know the reason behind the harsh, judgmental horse-shit banter. Was you mother fat? Did your father neglect you? Or is it both? Yes, it must be! You are a product of fat, neglectful parents who would only pay attention to you if you had a cupcake stapled to your forehead? This must be your form of therapy. Because I can think of no other reason for a rational person to dislike a person, solely based on their body size. How shallow can a person be that he must dedicate a blog to describe his disdain for fat people? Evolve a little.

Girl on Saturday said...

Very interesting. Looking into this issue myself.

BTW - more weight on an airplane also uses more fuel. Just saying.

This is my blog about the topic:

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! Somebody that agrees with me!!! Please continue updating!

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Anonymous said...

who are yous to judge you dont know what they have been through you dont know how they feel so stop being so mean.These are some of the reasons people cause suicide because of how mean and unkind some people are.Beautiful creations of god is what everyone is we all come in different shapes and sizes and its none of your concerns to judge we all deserve to be treated the same so grow the hell up and accept people as they are gossssh people these day need to be wacked with a pan just to wake them up:(:(:(:(